If you live in the glorious South and it's Summer there are a few things you are practically born knowing.  A few such things are

1.  Wear sunscreen.

2.  Keep hydrated; preferably with good ole' water. 

3.  Slow your speed.  People, especially children who aren't always easily visible, are outside walking, playing,

     biking, etc.

     You also never know when those good ole' folks who feed and clothe us, the farmer, will be just over the hill

     or around the bend on a slow moving piece of equipment.  Have a little patience.  They get over as soon as


4.  Mosquitos, ticks, bees, spiders, ants, snakes, and the like are in full force.  Be mindful and take precautions.

5.  When it is dry, no rain in days, fire starts and spreads very quickly.  Be careful!!  Take precautions!!

6.  The elderly and very young are especially at risk in the high temperatures and humidity.  Check on folks.

7.  Be sure, sure, sure to keep plenty of water for pets and other outdoor animals.  Try to have shaded areas for

     them to find relief from the heat.

8.  No one should venture into unknown waters and never dive into water if you don't know it's depth.  Educate

     yourself about unsafe rivers, lakes, streams, etc. in your area.

9.  Wear your shoes.  They even make water shoes now.  Protect your feet.  They have to last a lifetime.

10. Tea is best sweet and sometimes, no mater what the t-shirt says, "Bless your heart" really means "Bless your

     heart".  Okay, those may be just my opinion and basically not have a thing to do with summer in particular. 


Seriously though, there are a few things we sometimes don't realize.  One such thing may be safety in grilling meats.  There are specific temperatures different meats need to reach before they are safe to consume.  So, how hot does the chicken need to get?  What about the steak or hamburgers?  Well, here is a little chart you can use for just these questions.