Tennessee Division of Water Resources


For more information about streams, rivers, and reservoirs posted for bacteriological or fish tissue contamination,

please contact 1-888-891-TDEC (8332).


When steams or lakes are found to have significantly elevated bacteria levels or when fish tissue contaminant levels exceed risk-based criteria, it is the responsibility of the Department of Environments and Conservation to post warning signs so that the public will be aware of the threat to public heath.

Consistent with EPA guidance, any stream or reservoir in Tennessee with an advisory is assessed as not meeting the recreational designated use.  Clearly, if fishermen cannot safely eat the fish they catch, thee waterbody is not supporting its goal to be fishable.  Likewise, streams and lakes with high levels of bacteria are not suitable for recreational activities such as swimming or wading.


Please visit the following website for posted streams, rivers, and reservoirs in Tennessee.