On March 27, 2015 the Haywood County Soil Conservation District held the Annual Tree Give Away.

   Trees were given to any Haywood County land owner to be planted in Haywood County.  Tree species

    included Bald cypress, Roughleaf Dogwood, Red Mulberry, Northern Red Oak, Native Sweet Pecan,

   and Chickasaw Plum.  These species aide in a variety of conservation needs.

    The event was announced on WTBG, 95.3 FM, Brownsville Radio.  There were 1,800 tree saplings

    given to 33 individuals, schools, etc. from the Haywood County SCD office lot.

    The Haywood County SCD would like to thank the local NRCS staff as well as the David Craig Chapter

   of the Daughters of the American Revolution for their aide in distribution of the trees.