The 2016 Annual Tree Give-Away was, because of inclement weather, held at the USDA Service Center on S. Dupree.  Historically the give-away has been held on the Courthouse lawn the first Thursday in March.  Ice and snow in 2015 not only moved the give-away to the USDA Service Center but also bumped the give-away a couple weeks further into March.  In 2016 the SCD Board decided to bump the give-away one week which landed it on March 10th, a dismal rainy day.

Despite the weather, SCD Board Members, SCD staff, NRCS staff as well as volunteers from the David Craig Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution gave away nearly 3,000 trees to Haywood County landowners.

Haywood County landowners had their choice of five tree species with a minimum of 50 trees per person.  The selection of trees were as follows: