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Darlene S. Magruder, County SCD Clerk

                                        Darlene has been County SCD Clerk since 2002 and can be reached at 731-772-1822 Ext. 101.





In 1939 Tennessee authorized the formation of Soil Conservation Districts when the legislators passed the Soil Conservation District Act into Law.  The Haywood County Soil Conservation District was organized in 1942 in accordance with the Tennessee Soil Conservation District's Law No. 197 of the 1939 Tennessee General Assembly.  The District includes all Haywood County, the boundaries being the same as those of the County, comprising 527 square miles or 337,235 acres.  By 1945 TN landowners had successfully petitioned the state for the charter of approximately 30 Districts. In August of 1945, as a result of discussions between early Districts, the TACD Tennessee Association of Soil Conservation Districts held it's first meeting.  The name has since been shortened to Tennessee Association of Conservation Districts.  W. F. Fletcher of the Haywood Soil Conservation District served as the first TACD President.  Organization of Districts continued until 1959 when the last District was chartered.

The TACD mission:  Helping Soil Conservation Districts conserve and enhance the natural resources of Tennessee through education, leadership and advocacy.




The National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) is the nonprofit organization that represents America's 3,000 conservation districts and the 17,000 individuals who serve on their governing boards.  Conservation districts are local units of government established under state law to carry out natural resources management programs at the local level.  Districts work with millions of cooperating landowners and operators to help them manage and protect land and water resources on all private lands and many public lands in the United States.

NACD's mission is to serve conservation districts by providing national leadership and a unified voice for natural resource conservation.




The District sincerely appreciates the continued commitment and support of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.  The TDA provides annual cost-share funding to Haywood county landowners and/or operators through the ARCF for Best management Practices (BMPs).  The Haywood County Soil Conservation District remains grateful for the annual operational grant funds awarded us by the TDA as well as the ongoing training opportunities they provide.